Junk was a series of fanzines thrown together from 1992 to 1994 by a bunch of over-educated, under-employed, disilusioned and bored slackers. We were the so-called Generation X looking for a clear path ahead where everything seemed pointless and boring. This was a time when music was finally decent after a decade of 80s garbage; a time when new art was plentiful and the term 'grunge' extended beyong music to a lifestyle choice. Junk was started by Nick Klauwers and Alfredo Bloy while they were both bored shitless in England. Soon others - some of them even talented - joined in the fun. Junk was a messy, insulting semi-regular newsletter of sorts aimed at keeping them and their friends around the world amused, if only for a few minutes. A private joke drawn on a napkin. Among the scribbles and bad poetry there is a flavour which tastes totally 90s. Widespread internet use was just a couple of years away. And to cut and paste still involved scissors and Pritt stick.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll - Basketball Diaries - Junk Equation

Jim Carroll wrote The Basketball Diaries the story about growing up with drugs and sex and about learning to survive on the streets of New York--once again in print. An urban classic of coming of age.which in the 90s was made into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Henry Miller

Before the Beats but after the so-called Lost Generation was Henry Miller. His novel set in Paris, Tropic of Cancer was something unlike I had ever read before when - I think - Nick lent it to me.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

David Lynch

David Lynch - Junk Equation
David Lynch

Too many films which we dug had cult director and Twin Peaks maestro David Lynch in common, so I decided to feature the man behind the lens himself.
It started with the superbly weird Eraserheasd (1977)- a film I never managed to sit through - to the excellent yet mainstream Elephant Man (1980) and Dune (1984).